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How much does it cost to remove a built-in swimming pool?

Here are a few of the main reasons people decide to remove a swimming pool:

  • The pool needs extensive repairs/renovations that the owner can’t afford or simply doesn’t want to pay for
  • Space is needed for something else (possibly even a new, upgraded pool built from scratch)
  • The owners have lost interest in owning a pool or sold their home to someone who doesn’t want it for whatever reason

Typical costs of the swimming pool:

It is very difficult to estimate a pool fill in cost without considering all the implications:

  • type of the swimming pool
  • size of the swimming pool
  • locations
  • access to the backyard ( swimming pool )
  • how wide is space for the machine to operate
  • seasonal
  • owner custom requests

It averages around $6,000-$10,500 for partial removal/demolition of a small- to medium-sized pool with easy access for heavy equipment, which includes a minimal (8-10 inches) layer of topsoil, but total costs can jump to $15,000-$30,000 or more for larger pools or those with difficult access, lots of decking materials, plumbing or other structures.

Start by calling a swimming pool removal and ask, “What is the best way to eliminate my pool?” They may need to look at it to give you an accurate answer, but it’s better to get the right answer the first time than the wrong one and maybe have to pay twice. They may say you need to fill it or demolish it. You can use some of the deckings to support a shed out back in many yards.